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Enter the realm of the Luxveda Wrath Series, where the Obsidian Whisper Tunic Set embodies the fierce spirit of passion and power. This ensemble is designed for those who confidently own their presence, a perfect fusion of boldness and mystical allure.

Key Features:

Whisper of Mystery: The tunic set features a semi-transparent blouse that exudes a seductive allure, cloaking the wearer in a veil of mystique.

Sculpted Silhouette: The sleek black skirt is designed to contour the body, offering a sharp, structured contrast to the fluidity of the blouse.

Obsidian Elegance: The deep black palette of the set speaks of the night, of power, and of the untamed elegance inherent in the color of obsidian.

Embellished Accents: Adorned with striking embellishments, the set commands attention, much like the volcanic glass it is named after.

Perfect for:

Commanding Occasions: Suited for events where your arrival changes the atmosphere, where your attire speaks before you do.

Powerful Engagements: Embrace the power dynamics of boardrooms or high-stakes negotiations in an ensemble that says you're both in charge and in style.

Nights of Valor: Ideal for evenings that call for a fierce spirit and an unstoppable attitude, whether at a gallery opening or a rooftop celebration.

Style Guide:

Enhance this commanding look with high, glossy boots and minimalistic silver or platinum jewelry that echoes the tunic's embellishments. A sleek updo or a bold red lip can add to the ensemble's commanding vibe.

Care Instructions:

Reverent Care: Treat this set with the respect it commands. Professional cleaning is recommended to maintain the integrity of the fabric and embellishments.

Prestigious Placement: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and allow the tunic to hang gracefully on a padded hanger.

Delicate Steaming: If wrinkles should appear, gentle steaming is advised to keep the ensemble as commanding as your first wear.

Special Note:

Uniquely Tailored: Each Obsidian Whisper Tunic Set is carefully crafted according to your measurements, mirroring the Luxveda Wrath Series' devotion to personal power and luxury. As a made-to-order piece, it is exclusive to you, non-returnable, and requires a crafting period of 25-30 business days—a testament to the dedication and time invested in creating an ensemble that is as unique as the wearer.

About Luxveda:

Nestled in the heart of a country's rich tapestry of history and culture, Luxveda began as a whisper of a dream beneath the starlit skies of a land steeped in millennia of artistic legacy. Our journey is a homage to the untold stories of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, a tribute to the regal elegance of the Rajput, the opulent grandeur of the Mughal Gharana, and the broader scope of Egyptian, Greek, and global heritage.

Luxveda redefines the fashion world by intricately weaving together diverse, timeless handcraft techniques passed down through generations into every single creation, each with a modern Indo Western twist. Designed to be worn in your every special place, this unique fusion results in an unparalleled expression of ultimate luxury, seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with a modern approach in fashion.

The Essence of Bold Luxury: Luxveda Wrath Series stands where tradition meets rebellion, weaving the tales of historic valor with contemporary defiance. The Wrath Series encapsulates the essence of powerful emotions turned into art, each creation a piece of wearable confidence.

In a collection that honors the intensity of emotion, the Obsidian Whisper Tunic Set from Luxveda's Wrath Series is not just an outfit—it's armor. It's a declaration of self-assurance, a garment that wraps you in the luxury of bold self-expression and the undeniable power of individuality. It invites you to claim your space, to stand tall and unyielding, reflecting the very essence of wrath transformed into beauty.

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