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Sapphire Daffodil Dusk Dress by Luxveda Envy Series

Sapphire Daffodil Dusk Dress by Luxveda Envy Series

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Introducing the Sapphire Daffodil Dusk Dress from Luxveda's Envy Series – a garment that captures the enchanting moment where twilight kisses the evening. This dress is a symphony of elegance, designed for the discerning woman who commands attention with her presence and style.

Key Features:

Color Palette: A deep sapphire blue base invokes the mystery of nightfall, while the vibrant daffodil embroidery infuses a touch of sunset's warmth.

Fabric: Flowing with a lightweight, pleated fabric, this dress promises a fluid silhouette and a comfortable fit, perfect for evening events.

Design: The sleeveless cut accentuates the shoulders, and the V-neckline provides a canvas of sophistication, suitable for both modest and bold accessories.

Detailing: Artful embroidery adorning the bodice blooms into an expressive, floral narrative, making each piece a unique work of art.

Versatility: This piece transitions effortlessly from a daytime affair to an elegant evening event, embodying the versatility demanded by luxury fashion.

Style Tips:

Complement the Sapphire Daffodil Dusk Dress with gold or pearl accessories to highlight the embroidery's delicate work. Pair with nude heels for an elongated silhouette or choose bold yellow shoes to echo the dress's floral motif.

Care Instructions:

Preserve the pristine condition of your dress with gentle dry cleaning. Store it in a garment bag to safeguard the exquisite fabric and handcrafted embroidery.

Special Note:

Our exclusive Sapphire Daffodil Dusk Dress from Luxveda's Envy Series is custom-made upon order, ensuring each detail is perfected just for you. Due to its bespoke nature, please note it is not eligible for return. Anticipate a creation and delivery period of 25-30 business days. We're confident you'll cherish this luxurious, personalized masterpiece

About Luxveda: The Fusion of Timeless Handcrafted Luxury

Nestled in the heart of a country's rich tapestry of history and culture, Luxveda began as a whisper of a dream beneath the starlit skies of a land steeped in millennia of artistic legacy. Our journey is a homage to the untold stories of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, a tribute to the regal elegance of the Rajput, the opulent grandeur of the Mughal Gharana, and the broader scope of Egyptian, Greek, and global heritage.

The Sapphire Daffodil Dusk Dress is not just an outfit; it's a statement of grace and grandeur, a must-have addition to any luxury wardrobe. Own this piece from the Luxveda Envy Series and let your fashion narrative be one of allure and poise.

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